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As part of your hosting package with Netverse you have access to FrontShop, a custom-developed e-commerce application allowing you to publish and sell securely on the web.

The standard edition of FrontShop allows you to publish and sell from a catalogue of up to 10 items. It enables payment by credit/debit card, cheque and/or International Money Order, for both domestic and international delivery according to:

  • transaction value (),
  • weight (kg)
  • calculation of postage & packaging surcharges
  • addition of a single fixed sum ()

Following a simple set-up process a catalogue is created as a directory within your web space. You are able to customise the appearance of your catalogue, and link to it from your home directory. Enquiries regarding the use of FrontShop and/or the bespoke integration of this service should be addressed to info@netverse.co.uk.

You are also entitled to a free listing in the FrontShop directory.

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