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Training for Small Business

  • Are you using your computer to its fullest potential? - Most of us don't, and use only the programs we need everyday.

    If you are contemplating expanding your business and that includes increasing your familiarity with a specific application, then consider having training brought into your office.

    Netverse Ltd. has provided customised individual and corporate training for a variety of specialised and consumer applications.

Our expertise includes:

  • Windows operating systems

  • Microsoft Office Products
  • CAD Systems

  • Graphic Design Software
  • Lotus applications

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Training for Home Users

  • Just got a new computer?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the "geek-speak" like "www", "email", "e-commerce", "defrag", "RAM"?
  • Are you looking for someone who can spend time one-on-one working with you on your computer teaching you the basics?
  • We will come into your home and work with you on your computer - for a day, a few hours a day, or any other schedule that suits you.

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